Services: Skiptracing



The skiptracing service of Blue 22 Investigations is utilized on a daily basis by our clients to locate individuals and businesses for a variety of reasons including service of process, collections, child support and witness/defendant matters. We have successfully located thousands of defendants and witnesses through our search methods.

We offer two levels of tracing depending on the case specifics and/or volume of cases submitted. The majority of the locates fall under a Level I criteria. Level One skips are NOT missing persons or abducted cases. Identifiers are required for Level 1 skips.*

Complicated or advanced locates are conducted under our Level II program. In addition to our proprietary computer database and source searches, a field investigator is assigned to “work the streets.” On the street presence is very effective in those skips/locates where the defendant is evasive or avoiding service of legal process.

We have a 92% success rate in locating Level 1 skips for service of process.

* A full name with identifiers, such as a date of birth, prior address or social security number is required for Level I price.