Clientele: Detective Agencies

VTS Surveillance

Blue 22 has been providing research and supplemental assistance in the Chicago Metro area to other licensed private detective agencies since 1980. We have extensive experience in working with other private investigators and assist many agencies in specialized niche areas.

We provide a daily index and retrieval of public records that is very beneficial to the overall investigative process. Our expertise in this area frees our investigative clients from these tasks, providing more profitability to your agency. Our document retrieval division routinely obtains the following on a daily basis: Statewide and County Criminal History and Arrests, Lawsuits, Work Comp Indexes, Judgments, Tax Liens, UCCs, Police Reports, Driver’s Abstracts and Traffic Citations.

Our extensive knowledge of the Chicago Metro area will increase your efficiency and provide channels of information to assist in your investigative, security and legal document serving endeavors.

Our clients have found the specialized services Blue 22 offers to be valuable and profitable to their organizations. These services are available at discounted rates, to licensed detective agencies, and include the following: