Investigative Service Pricing

  • General Investigation
    • $150.00 Hour

  • Surveillance: Stationary and Mobile
    • One Man $ 100.00 Hour
    • Two Man $150.00 Hour

  • Skip-Trace/Locates
    • Level I * $250.00-In Office Locates
    • Level II $600.00 expenses-Field Locates

  • Asset Searches**
    • Call for Specific Price Quote $700.00 Min.

  • Process Service
    • Routine Rate – Flat Fees-Varies based on Distance,
      County and Volume-Call for Quote
    • Emergency/Rush – 2xNormal Rate
    • Rush/Intricate/Surveillance¬† – $ 100.00 per hour

  • Evidentiary Photography Or Video
    • $ 150.00 Hour

  • Undercover Evaluations
    • Call for Price Quote

  • Electronic Eavesdropping Countermeasure Survey
    • Call for Price Quote
    • Based on Physical Dimensions
    • Requires Trained Experts
    • Minimum Fees $2000.00 +

All mileage billed at $.75 per mile. Additional fees may be assessed for public record and database search fees, tolls, copies, advances and other necessary expenses.

* LEVEL I locates are only available to attorneys, insurance companies and corporations with legitimate business purposes. Prices are based on a volume of investigative work received from the requester over the course of the year. Clients must be able to provide identifiers for the subject of the search. Extra fees will be assessed for searches without certain identifiers such as DOB or SSN.

** Conducted in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and/or the GLB Act. Proper releases are required. Pricing based on volume, type and venue.