Employment Screening Pricing

1. Social Security Number Tracking Search - $ 15.00

Inquiry made by Social Security number. Generally shows the name and address of the owner of the number. The inquiry will usually show counties of residence for the last ten (10) years and is utilized to conduct criminal and civil searches in these counties. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that this search always be conducted to determine venues.

2. County Criminal History Index - $35.00

This search is conducted on a county-by-county basis and is the most comprehensive criminal searching method for state offenses. The search provides a criminal history index using the subject’s full name and date of birth as the search criteria. Pricing is based per county. For employment screening the reporting mandates of the FCRA are followed and non-convictions are not reportable. Counties outside Illinois may have price variances. Copies of case documents such as police reports, complaints, indictments and dispostions will incur additional costs.

3. US District Federal Criminal History Index - $25.00

This search is conducted for Federal criminal matters by US District locations. The search provides a federal criminal history index using the subject’s full name and date of birth as the search criteria. Additional costs may be necessary for verification of common names over multiple US Districts.

4. County Civil History Index - $ 35.00

This search is conducted on a county-by-county basis. This search provides a civil index using the subject’s name and other given identifiers to target the subject. Pricing is based per county. Additional fees may be necessary if civil files need to be reviewed for identity verification. This verification is usually known addresses. Copies of documents from the civil case file will incur additional costs.

5. US District Federal Civil History Index - $ 25.00

This search is conducted for Federal civil matters by US District locations. The search provides a federal civil history index using the subject’s name and other given identifiers as the search criteria. Additional costs may be necessary for verification of common names over multiple US Districts.

6. Drivers License Record - $60.00

Full name (including middle initial) and date of birth or driver’s license needed for this search in Illinois. The search in Illinois is run by drivers license number therefore we request you provide Additional charges may incur if we need to find this number. A NO RECORD will incur the normal charge. Search usually provides driving history and status of subject’s drivers license. Access to this information is determined by state searched. Fee includes costs imposed by government agency.  Either an exemption under the Drivers License Protection Act or a release will be required. Any questions on the exemptions, please call our office.

7. Employment or Consumer Credit Check - $ 50.00

Name, address and social security number are required to do this search. A signed release by the employee is required. Will provide general financial and creditworthiness to assist in evaluating applicant, especially for those in positions of fiduciary responsibility. No Release – No Report. A consumer credit report may be requested for tenant, creditor or contractual background checks.

8. Tax Lien & Judgment - $ 50.00

Inquiry is based on known identifiers provided to include full name, address and dob if required. Search is generally done on a county by county basis. Federal tax liens are generally filed in the county of residence.

9. College Educational Verification - $ 50.00

Name, date of birth, social security number and the educational institutions attended are needed for this search. The year of graduation and type of degree may also be needed for verification purposes. A signed release is required. Educational history, including type of degree and year of graduation is provided in most instances.

10. Government Watch List - $25.00

The US Government publishes a list of individuals and companies owned or controlled by, or acting for or on behalf of, targeted countries. It also lists individuals, groups, and entities, such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers designated under programs that are not country-specific. Collectively, such individuals and companies are called “Specially Designated Nationals” or “SDNs.” Their assets are blocked and U.S. persons are generally prohibited from dealing with them.

Full name, address and other unique identifiers may be required for this search.

11. Workers Compensation Index - $50.00

Name and social security number needed for this search. Provides prior worker compensation history index through the individual State Industrial or Worker Compensation Commission. Access to this information is determined by state searched and may not be available in all States. An offer of employment is required before this inquiry can be made, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

12. Statewide Criminal History Search - $50.00

This inquiry is conducted on a statewide basis for criminal conviction information. This search is not available in all states. Illinois does allow a statewide search but a Disclosure and Release Form needs to be signed by the subject of the inquiry if this search is for employment purposes.  Turn around time, in Illinois, is generally 48 hours but may be longer if the State of Illinois needs to verify possible convictions.

This is a great search to use as a backup to the county-by-county criminal search. It is recommended that this search be conducted in addition to the county criminal search since it is probable that counties may not report all offenses to the state. Some states charge a separate fee and this fee will be included in the search.

13. National Proprietary Criminal Search - $35.00

This inquiry is conducted on a US National basis and is comprised of an aggregate of all known national criminal data base sources to include federal, state and county records along with inmate and incarceration files. Information may not be available from all states or counties and some jurisdictions provide more in-depth information than others. There may NOT be enough information provided to verify the identity of the subject of the search but will often indicate that further checking in these venues is warranted. Information provided is from public court records but does not always provide all information that could be obtained on a deeper dive at the specified courthouse. There is NO comprehensive national criminal computer system other than the NCIC system that is available only to Law Enforcement and then only with administered acceptable guidelines and reasons for this inquiry. This is a good National Criminal search tool that often provides leads to conviction information in many available venues. This search should be combined with Federal, State and County research.

14. Sex Offender Registration Search - $10.00

This search is generally conducted on a national basis. Most states require that convicted sex offenders register in the county or State where they reside. It should be noted that not all offenders register and may be in violation and therefore may NOT be found on the registration roster.  We HIGHLY recommend that this search be done on all employment applicant screenings.

* Most searches will be completed within 48-72 hours depending on the venue. Some counties and states have unusual requirements that may delay or extend this time frame. Copies of documents indexed can usually be obtained if requested. There are additional costs to obtain copies. Complaints, dispositions and docket sheets will often provide additional insight about the applicant to assist in the hiring decision.

** Some searches may require cost advance in order to be completed. Minor search fees will be advanced and added as costs. If any unusual or extraordinary costs are required you will be contacted for authorization.

*** Blue 22 INVESTIGATIONS, LLC is a licensed detective agency established in 1980. We can also suggest or assist with other areas of research that may not be listed above. These searches can include all types of public record searches, corporate or individual backgrounds, legal or industrial information, magazine, periodical or newspaper scans, etc. Please contact us if you think we can be of any assistance with your research.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The accuracy of the information submitted by the requester will directly determine the accuracy of search results. Blue 22 INVESTIGATIONS, LLC cannot be held liable for inaccuracies contained in public record information, databases accessed, or requests submitted by the subscriber. Blue 22 INVESTIGATIONS, LLC warrants only the exercise of reasonable care in the searching of public record databases.