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VTS Surveillance

Blue 22, LLC. has been providing investigative, security, process serving and document retrieval services in the Chicago-metropolitan area since 1980. We are a fully licensed and insured private detective agency, owned and operated by professionals with prior law enforcement, security and law firm expertise.

Our private investigators are proficient in handling all forms of civil and criminal investigations. Blue 22, LLC has more than 35 years of investigative experience and primarily serves the legal, insurance and corporate community.

Our investigators are committed to providing clients with the information needed to make effective decisions. Our experience, perseverance, national investigative associates and international contacts brings the expertise and knowledge required by our professional clientele.

Blue 22, LLC offers the following services to our clients:

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BLUE 22 Profiles

Bill Vincent

Agency owner and Director of Investigations. Graduate of the Illinois Police Training Institute. Former City Police Officer. Licensed Illinois Private Detective. Holds memberships in the National Association of Legal Investigators, Intellenet, Special Agents, World Association of Detectives and the National Association of Professional Process Servers. Over 30 years’ experience in the private sector specializing in litigation, fraud, background intelligence, due diligence and location of individuals or assets. Bill has been the lead investigator on several high profile and multi-million dollar cases.

Heidi Berna

Heidi is the Office Manager of Blue 22, LLC fka VTS Investigations, LLC and has prior experience in a large litigation law firm. She has extensive knowledge of investigative strategies and the Illinois rules of serving court documents. Heidi coordinates the service of all legal documents handled by our agency. All legal documents served are entered into our process database that can provide instant affidavits of service completed by our investigators out in the field. Heidi has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice.

Location/Background Division

The fraud, skip tracing and due diligence division of Blue 22, LLC includes a variety of related backgrounds. Their responsibilities include fraud cases, mortgage interviews, due diligence and the location of witnesses and defendants involved in matters of litigation. The ability to research, interview, locate and document has provided our clients with the information necessary to render effective decisions.

Court and Document Retrieval

Expertise in public record requests, background checks, criminal checks, litigation history, government FOIAs and court-related document retrieval. We are thoroughly knowledgeable about the inner workings of Cook County, Chicago Metro Collar Counties and U. S. District Chicago Court system.

We routinely work with law firms, investigative agencies, governments and background screeners all over the country coordinating document and record requests throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area. We will find the records you need.

Blue 22 Staff & Specialists

In addition to our principals and specialized associates, Blue 22, LLC  utilizes a staff of field investigators, skip tracers, process servers, researchers and clerical assistants that work diligently to handle the needs of our clients. As one of the premier and senior detective agencies in the Chicago Metro area we have the resources and personnel to handle the needs of our clients.

Our staff is made up of individuals with various life experiences and diverse backgrounds that reflect the uniqueness of the Chicago Metro area. We are united by our common goal of providing excellent service to our clients. The diversity, street skills and research capabilities of our group make Blue 22, LLC one of the premier investigative agencies in the Chicago Metropolitan area and allows us to handle a wide variety of assignments.

Our contacts and sources developed through our law enforcement careers, law firm associations, forensic groups and financial specialists allow us to provide assistance with specialized skill sets to meet your particular needs. These specialists will work with our assigned investigator to find the information you need to make an informed decision.