Services: Internet Investigations

Internet Investigations

Internet Investigations

Many of our recent cases involve the use and misuse of the Internet. Advances in technology and communication via the Internet provide another vehicle for criminal and indecent acts against corporations and individuals. The investigative personnel and associate experts of Blue 22 have undertaken the training necessary to analyze, examine and combat these suspect acts that arise from the proliferation of email, computer databases, newsgroups, chat rooms and e-commerce.

Perpetrators believe that they can hide behind the cloak of anonymity or the theft of another’s identity. Our investigators, along with other experts in our Group, have been very successful in identifying those responsible for these acts. In addition to identification we also can assist in the prevention of malicious events that can cause great damage to companies, systems and individuals.

We are routinely requested to do the following on matters related to the Internet:

Trace email addresses
Monitor Chat Rooms
Background Checks
Verify Information
Internet Research