Services: Domestic Inquiries

Domestic Inquiries


Blue 22 Investigations provides information and documentation needed to make important decisions. Our investigators are very experienced in handling sensitive matters that involve personal situations. Since our beginning in 1980, Blue 22 has investigated thousands of domestic related or child custody situations on behalf of our legal and professional clientele. We understand the need for confidentiality and discretion.

Domestic and child custody investigations are conducted for a number of reasons and may involve witness interviews, background checks, financial profiling and surveillance. Blue 22 utilizes state of the art technology to provide needed and valuable documentation. Creativity and perseverance define our surveillance teams.

The services of Blue 22 Investigations should be considered for the following situations:

Activity Checks
Child Custody Matters
Post Decree Divorce Litigation
Substance Abuse
Child Support or Maintenance
Prenuptial Background Checks