Services: Criminal History Checks

Criminal History Checks

Criminal Background

Many of the cases we investigate require a criminal background check. This information is necessary for a variety of reasons including applicant screening. There is no nation-wide computer system that can provide criminal history on an individual that is accessible to the public. Even law enforcement must have a valid investigative reason to conduct this type of background inquiry. Law enforcement is not allowed to utilize the National Crime Information Center computers for non-criminal matters.

We provide this information to attorneys, insurance companies, corporations, accounting firms, detective agencies and human resource departments on a daily basis. Criminal history searches are most effectively conducted on a county-by-county basis. This type of search can generally be completed within 72 hours or less.

Blue 22 Investigations provides nationwide access to records that include both a criminal history index and copies of legal documents that may assist in making decisions. Full name, including middle initial, and date of birth are required to conduct these searches.

Following are several examples of the types of situations encountered by our clients who routinely request our background investigation and research services:

Application Screening
Mergers & Acquisitions
Pretrial Litigation
Insurance Claims
Due Diligence
Child Custody
Witness & Expert Credibility
Insurance Coverage Issues
Nanny & Nursing Home Care