Services: Copyright and Trademark Infringement

Copyright and Trademark Infringement

Copyright Infringement

Blue 22 Investigations understands the value of your corporate name, your intellectual property and your goodwill. Counterfeiting and product diversion can destroy the profitability and goodwill that a company has spent years to develop.

Our experienced field investigators will work for you, the client. We are proficient in conducting an undercover operation that is usually required to obtain the evidence necessary to prosecute the counterfeiter and seize the illegitimate product. Our backgrounds in law enforcement provide a conduit to coordinate this corporate investigation with the proper authorities should criminal charges be warranted.

Our worldwide contacts and professional associations allow the investigation to extend beyond any geographical borders. A professional team covering all parameters of a sophisticated investigation can be assembled to meet your needs.

Our services include:

Computer Examinations
Informant Development
Intelligence Gathering
Law Enforcement Liaison
Proprietary Database Research
Recognition of Suspect Product
Sophisticated Surveillance
Undercover Operatives
Witness Interviews