Services: Civil Investigations

Civil Investigations

Civil Investigations

The majority of all cases investigated by Blue 22 involve civil lawsuits. Our investigators are very experienced in preparing a civil case for settlement or trial. Whether the plaintiff or defense contracts our agency, we understand the need to document the events, identify the potentially liable parties and assess the damages.

Blue 22 has been the investigative agency of record in many of the largest plaintiff award cases in Illinois. We are very experienced in working with the litigation law firm in preparing the case for trial. Our staff of investigators will work with the trial attorney to thoroughly cover all issues and evidence. We can provide testimony pertaining to photographs, videotape, diagrams, documents and witness rebuttal.

We are routinely requested to do the following on civil investigations:

Background Checks
Damage Valuations
Locate Witnesses/Defendants
Verify Statements
Photographs of the Scene
Scaled Diagrams
Witness Statements