Services: Background Checks

Background Checks


Blue 22, LLC  professionals are experts at providing research and background information about individuals, companies, products and concepts. We provide this research to attorneys, insurance companies, corporations, accounting firms, detective agencies, and human resource departments on a daily basis. The scope of our research with our background checks, encompasses a broad spectrum and depth, depending on your needs.

We utilize and have access to thousands of public and proprietary data sources that enable us to locate the information you need to make that important decision. Our research skills, in conjunction with our investigative and interview techniques, will provide a comprehensive report detailing the needed information and documentation.

Following are several examples of the types of situations encountered by our clients who routinely request our background investigation and research services:

Applicant Screening
Child Custody
Criminal History
Due Diligence
Insurance Claims
Insurance Coverage Issues
Merges & Acquisitions
Nanny & Nursing Home Care
Preexisting Conditions
Premise Liability Cases
Prenuptial Agreement
Pretrial Litigations
Prior Occurrence Situations
Witness & Expert Credibility


Requesting a background check for the first time?

Download our customer certification form here. Please print, sign, and email the form as an attachment.


Have the subject of the background check follow these steps to electronically sign the release form.

  1. Download the release form PDF here
  2. Save file to desktop
  3. Open the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader
  4. Follow the prompts to create a password for the electronic signature
  5. Sign the form and fill in the rest of the information
  6. Save to desktop under a new name (i.e., yourname.pdf)
  7. Upload the file and send